Your order, our process, explained.

We at know that the world around cryptocurrencies is sadly still considered by alot of newcomers as “no mans land”. Thus we try to be as transparent as possible to our customers in order to provide them the best possible user experience from the moment they bought, up to the point where they are happy customers for years to come.

1) You decide to make the life changing decision to purchase one of our licenses in our shop.


2) Now on the Checkout page we need a few details from you in order to process your order correctly.

  • Email Address
    Will be used to contact you, send you the order confirmation and your invoice.
  • Telegram or Discord Username
    In order to provide efficient 1on1 contact with our customers, we kindly ask you to provide us with your Telegram Username (@YourUsername) or Discord Username (Yourname#1234). If you do not want to use this kind of communication, please leave the field blank. We will then only use your Email Address to communicate with you.
  • API Key(s)
    These are the API Keys you can create at the exchange you wish to trade with your Gunbot on. Please note that we do not need, nor ever ask, for your API Secret. Your license will be tied to that API Key and it will act as “Masterkey” (read: Licensekey). You can read more about API Keys here.
  • Who referred you to us?
    Here you can leave the name of the person who referred you to us. We will then pay this person an affiliate share. Click here if you want to know how to join our affiliate program!
  • Order Notes
    If there’s some special note you want to leave to the Gunthy Team.

We’re using as payment gateway. They offer secure payments over their network and do most of this process fully automatically.

3) If you now decide to press the “Place Order” Button and send the payment to the on the next window indicated Address, a whole series of processes starts to kick in in the background.

1 – First of all, one of our Sales Staff will receive a notification about a purchase with a pending confirmation on your transaction.

2 – You will receive in total 3 Emails.
The first one confirms your order and that it is being processed. (Please note, at this time your order is still on Status “Awaiting payment” as our backend did not yet receive the confirmation of your transaction. Status will switch automatically as soon as your transaction confirms)
The second one creates an Account for you with your provided Email Address on our official Helpdesk.
The third one is a confirmation about a Ticket Creation in your name in the Helpdesk with some basic instructions. One of our Sales Staff will be appointed to this ticket, so feel free to write something!

3 – After your payment has confirmed, you will 1) receive a confirmation over our Helpdesk 2) one of our Staff Members will contact you asap to guide you through setting everything up.