What is Gunthy Token?

  • Gunthy Token monetizes licenses.
    Each Gunthy Products user receives a certain amount of GUNTHY per licensed API Masterkey.
  • Gunthy Token is not a security. Our holders do not hold any shares from Gunthy products.
  • Gunthy product licenses can be bought and sold using the Gunthy Token.
  • Gunthy Token is tradable on all ERC-20 DEXs and has been submitted as ERC-20 token to all Gunbot-supported exchanges as well as 121 other exchanges.

Gunbot already had value as software and now, we added an extra value: monetary value, tradable itself. As GUNTHY has a market price, it grows with market demands and it grows in value as the software expands to more and more platforms, algorithms, strategies and exchanges.

How is this implemented? Each licensed copy of Gunbot can be bought and sold with GUNTHY TOKEN. When users purchase GUNTHY TOKEN, a copy of Gunbot is immediately deliverable and it is tied to their GUNTHY wallet. As long as the user’s wallet holds X GUNTHY for each exchange they would like authorized, Gunbot will work for them, 24/7. Not only can users trade cryptocurrencies with Gunbot, now users can trade Gunbot itself with GUNTHY. When users decide to trade their Gunbot license, all they need to do is to sell their GUNTHY TOKEN at market price. 

Easy, straightforward and profitable: use your Gunbot and profit from your trades and when you decide to stop your trading operations, hold your GUNTHY TOKEN and profit from its growing value at exchanges or sell it at higher value than what you bought it for


Issuer: GUNTHY LTD – 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ
Total supply: 400M

Exchanges listing GUNTHY Token:

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