Setting up your Gunthy Wallet – Explained step by step

Setting up your Gunthy Wallet – Explained step by step


There are several ways for setting up your Gunthy Wallet in order to receive your Gunthy Tokens from the airdrop.
We’re going to cover the most simple way to do so here and give some advice for more “advanced” methods at the end of this article.

As you should NEVER, i say it again NEVER, leave your tokens on an exchange unless you’re trading them (see the recent Cryptopia or QuadrigaCX case), we’re going to explain to you how to set up your Gunthy Wallet on your local computer.

The easiest way to do so, is using

How to create a Gunthy wallet in Metamask:

Metamask is a browser extension.

a) Simply install the browser extension for the browser you’re using (for Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Opera)
b) Create a safe password
c) The next step for setting up your Gunthy Wallet will show you your Secret Backup Phrase. Ideally print it out or write it down by hand and store your secret phrase in a safe place. Everyone in possession of your secret phrase can recover your Ethereum Wallet and get access to all your funds stored there. You should never store your secret phrase on your computer.
d) As there will only be an Ethereum Wallet, you’ll have to click on “Add token” to add the Gunthy token to it.

You will find this option when you’re inside of your Metamask wallet on the bottom left.

e) Click on “Custom Token


f) In the Custom Token Window, enter everything as shown in the screenshot below:

To copy paste:
Token Address: 0x3684b581db1f94b721ee0022624329feb16ab653
Token Symbol: GUNTHY
Precision: 18

g) That’s it! Gunthy Token has been added successfully to your Metamask Wallet. The Gunthy Address to enter in the Gunbot GUI is shown on the left side below Account.
Simply copy/paste this Address into the Gunbot GUI and click on save. You’re ready for the Gunthy Token Airdrop!

Now the more advanced methods you could use:

There are several other wallets that will support the Gunthy Token “out of the box”. For example: MyEtherWallet, Exodus, MyCrypto, and many more.

Most of them are a hazzle to set up tho. For example, while Exodus Wallet doesn’t officially support Gunthy Token, you can send them to the ETH Address in there. Your Gunthy Token won’t show up except you analyse the ETH Address on a blockexplorer like .

How to receive Gunthy Token?

First of all you have to be in possession of a Gunbot License.
You can order one from us directly from our official shop:

We will make an Airdrop to all our users that have registered their wallet in the Gunbot GUI in the next days, prior to our listing on .

If you stumbled on this post and you want to learn more about the Gunthy Token, you can do so here in our explanatory post.

While we are getting listed on , we would not recommend using the exchange Gunthy Token address due to the reasons mentionned at the beginning of the this post.

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