Gunbot v12 finally released! – What to know

Gunbot v12 finally released! – What to know

After more than 2 months, we’re proud to release the newest version of our crypto trading bot – Gunbot v12

What’s new in Gunbot v12?

  • BitMex Support – This might be the most anticipated feature of v12. We’re finally supporting BitMex and BitMex Testnet. Both are fully integrated in Gunbot and enable you to do automated, leveraged trading.
Our PRE_ORDER variable enables you to get ahead of the order book to increase the chance to get your limit orders filled. MAKER_FEES is another feature that forces Gunbot to place trades as post only, making Gunbot a market making bot!
  • Full scale margin strategies – We can now go LONG, SHORT, STOP and CLOSE a position on pre-defined ROE, or trail it higher.
  • Reworked Ichimoku – Ichimoku has been fine tuned for regular and margin trading. It has become a lot more powerful than before as we can now open and close trades using either Tenkan-Sen, Kumo or Kijun-Sen.
  • Market orders – This is a feature that has been requested multiple times and now it finally has been implemented. Will force Gunbot to place market orders on exchanges that support this type of orders.
  • List type pair overview – Our GUI has been fine tuned once more. All relevant info is now shown as a List in your GUI Dashboard.
The new Dashboard in our GUI
  • Chart fine tuning – The chart view now supports and shows all Gunbot supported indicators and shows the entry/exit targets on the chart.
New chart design showing Ichimoku, RSI, ADX and Bollinger Bands.
  • Renko candles can now be used for trading. It currently works only with Ichimoku and Margin Trading.
  • Various small other bugfixes and improvements

FAQ: Upgrading from v11 to v12

  • Safe your gunbotgui.db and config.js to a different folder (drag and drop them out of your Gunbot root folder)
  • Incase your GUI uses https, also copy your certificate files to a different folder
  • Then replace everything in your Gunbot root folder by the files from the new v12 zip
  • Please Note: executable names have been unified across OS’s now. gunthy-linx64 is now named gunthy-linux. Thus you might also want to delete the old v11 executable in your Gunbot root folder.
  • If you have pairs in DU or RT, please also backup your /json folder from v11 to v12
  • Due to the complexity of this update and the usage of new libraries, please follow the steps above.
  • New parameters for v12 will be added to your config automatically through the GUI the first time you update a strategy.

Blockchain license verification!

Yes you read that right, we’re moving to blockchain license verification for all our Gunthy products, Gunbot included, made possible with our own ERC-20 Token GUNTHY.


Now how does this affect you as a Gunbot v12 user?

After the initial registration of your license with your reseller for Gunbot v12, you can manage your API Keys yourself and change them anytime. Our GUNTHY Token validates your license ownership on the blockchain.

In a first phase, we will use the Ropsten Ethereum Testnet to do live tests for airdrops and fund allocations to our users. When you’re setting up your wallet for Ethereum you’ll have to choose the Ropsten Testnet and enter the GUNTHY Token Ropsten Testnet smart contract address. Once everything works well, we will switch to the Ethereum Main-Net.

There will be a seperate post to explain how to set up everything in detail.

Not a Gunbot user yet?

Get your license now as long as the sale lasts. 50% Discount on all packages ends 1 hour after v12 is released!

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